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Motivated and driven by God’s Love for All People

This love is demonstrated in the life, sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just as He came to seek and restore lost and hurting people so also do we go to seek and rebuild broken lives.


Dependent on God Working in Us Through His Spirit

Our hope and faith are grounded in God’s promise of His presence to empower us to succeed beyond human expectations.


Pursuing Excellence

We are committed to a lifetime of learning and improvement of our services and stewardship of the resources availed to us.


Walking in Integrity

We are committed to reliability and financial integrity. Our accountability is not only to our partners, but also ultimately to God, our Source.

Promoting Teamwork

Realizing that each individual is uniquely gifted for the benefit of the organization, we promote teamwork and strive to empower every individual to attain his/her full potential.


Serving with Compassion & Grace

We strive to emulate the compassion and grace of Jesus Christ as we serve those He brings our way.


Partnering with Others

For optimal results we seek to partner with individuals and organizations of like vision.

Seeking Eternal Results

Realizing the brevity of life on earth, we endeavor to connect those we serve to their Maker with Whom they will live forever. 

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