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We encourage you to donate an amount suggested below or any amount.  No matter the amount, your donation makes a difference.

Please use the Donate button below to take you to a secure form to make your tax-deductible donation.



$1 per paycheck will provide:

  • One lunch Meal for 25 children who would otherwise go without lunch, OR

  • Bars of soap for 15 children to wash their school uniforms.

$5 per paycheck will provide:

  • A pair of shoes for 20 children, OR

  • Remedial class for 20 elementary school children

$10 per paycheck will purchase:

  • School uniforms for 20 elementary school children, OR

  • Personal hygiene items for 10 students in boarding school

$25 per paycheck will provide:

  • Lunch for 25 children for 1 month OR

  • Tuition for 10 elementary school children for one term

$50 per paycheck will provide:

  • Tuition for one vocational school student for 1 year OR

  • Tuition for 6 high school students for one term

$100 per paycheck will provide:

  • Eighteen (18) sewing machines for a vocational school, OR

  • Tuition for 12 high school students for one term





$50 donation:

  • Provides tuition for 1 elementary school child for 1 school term OR

  • Provides school uniform for a secondary school student

 $150 donation:

  • Provides 1 counseling session for 30 children. The sessions help the children find meaning for their future, reduce trauma, or explore hidden potential and individual skills. OR

  • Purchases school supplies (e,g, books, pens, papers, etc.) for 10 students

$250 donation:

  • Provides tuition and boarding school for a student for 1 school term OR

  • Provides tuition for 5 children in elementary school for 1 school term

$500 donation 

  • Provides tuition for a student in college or vocational school for 1 semester OR

  • Provides a stipend for a teacher for 4 months

$1,000 donation:

  • Covers the cost of operations for 4 months (field transport to pay fees, provide lunch, visit homes, buy airtime, provide skills training, etc.) OR

  • Provides tuition for a college or vocational school student for one year

$2,500 donation:

  • Provides training in skills (e.g. tailoring) for 30 children for 5 months OR

  • Purchase 10 sewing machines, fabric, and sewing supplies; pay rent, and pay the stipend of a trainer OR

  • Provides materials to construct a two-room temporary structure for the nursery school OR

  • Provides tuition for 18 children in elementary school 


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